Dugan & Lopatka provides a full range of outsourced accounting solutions. These solutions enable businesses and nonprofits to streamline their accounting functions and generate real-time data that can be accessed anywhere.

Meet Your New Accounting Department

Collaborate with our outsourced accounting team to find the level of service that fits your needs.

If you are struggling to staff your accounting department properly then turn over your accounting department to  Dugan & Lopatka.

We can act as the bookkeeper, controller and/or CFO to free up your time to focus on your organization and provide you with accurate, reliable, real-time information to help make decisions.

We also review your existing accounting processes and work together to customize an accounting solution to meet your organization’s needs. Give us a call at (630) 665-4440 and ask for our outsourced accounting team leaders, Leo Misdom or Mike Lee. Or, quickly complete this short form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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Service That Suits Your Needs

  • Cloud Bookkeeping – Maintain the accounting system and record all transactions in our cloud-based solutions.
  • Accounts Receivable – Invoicing, posting deposits and tracking receivables.
  • Accounts Payable – Ensure payments are accurate and timely by customizing an approval process and paying bills electronically.
  • Expense Reimbursements – Automate the expense reporting process by utilizing your smart phone.
  • Payroll Services – Process payroll, make deposits and file tax returns.
  • Month End Close – Maintain your general ledger and reconcile bank and credit card accounts.
  • Financial Reports – Customizable reports to show you the information you want and need to see.
  • Audit Preparation & Support – Provide the financial information and schedules required for the annual audit.
  • Monthly Meetings – Review the monthly financials with you tor provide insights and help understand the numbers.
  • Develop Policies & Procedures – Streamline the accounting function by ensuring it is efficient and effective.
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Cash Management – Help to manage and understand your cash flow.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Dashboards, KPI’s and Benchmarking – Gain insights on your organization’s performance by comparing current performance to previous periods and the industry averages.
  • Bank Monitoring – Assist with your banking relationship and tracking your loans and covenants.
  • Other Advisory Services 

The Upside Of Outsourcing


    These days, business owners are not strapped to their desks. You have to go where the business is. Instead of having to be in the office to approve payments or review a contract, you can access that information from any mobile device including laptops, tablets or the palm of your hand via your smartphone.

  • Work with experts

    By teaming up with Dugan & Lopatka, you will have access to expert advice and confidence in financial reports that meet regulatory and compliance standards.

  • Real-time bill paying and reporting

    Always have current, up-to-date financial information to help make decisions to run your organization.

  • Save time, allowing you to focus on your business

    By outsourcing your accounting to Dugan & Lopatka you can focus your energy and time on growing your business. You can take the time previously spent on laborious tasks and concentrate it on high-yielding activities. Time-consuming processes such as data entry and check runs are taken off your plate, so you can focus on business priorities.

  • Save money

    The real value of outsourcing your accounting services is that it increases efficiencies and reduces your costs. By outsourcing your accounting operations to Dugan & Lopatka, you are only paying for the accounting help you need – when you need it. With absolutely zero employee-related costs to deal with!

  • Use the best technology

    We pride ourselves in our accounting systems and techniques and ensure that we are always at the forefront of technology. With Dugan & Lopatka, you are not only getting trained staff to handle the job, you also get access to state-of-the-art accounting software.

  • Gain greater insight into your business

    Gain the strategic insight you need around your financial performance to successfully run a business. You can eliminate bulky spreadsheets in favor of a cloud-based reporting platform that is always up-to-date. This information allows you to project receivables and payables, reveal potential problems in advance, and helps you rapidly plan for alternatives.

  • Ensure business continuity

    If a pipe breaks causing water to ruin your files or temporarily close your office, that does not mean you will have to stop invoicing, collecting money or paying your bills. Dugan & Lopatka stores your valuable information in an encrypted, secure cloud environment. All you need is Internet access to continue business as normal.

  • Maintain stability

    Outsourcing your finance and accounting operations also assures you continuity of the financial function. With Dugan & Lopatka you no longer have to worry about staff turnover or poor internal hires.

  • One monthly fee

    All accounting-related costs for software, hardware and staffing are in one monthly, affordable fee.

  • Scrap the paper

    Paper-based processes are notorious for eating up large volumes of time related to filing and tracking down documents. With Dugan & Lopatka, you can upload your bills and paperwork to a centralized, cloud-based repository of information that includes due dates, tracking of approvals and bill payment based on your schedule. It also means you can store contracts with bills for easy access – no more digging through files. Information is available at your fingertips.


An Easy Transition For Any Industry

We are Nonprofit experts

Our outsourced accounting services are especially beneficial to nonprofit organizations. We do this by helping you:

  • Pursue your mission more efficiently: Our outsourced accounting services give you greater efficiency and managerial visibility so you can drive down costs while fully pursuing your organization’s mission.
  • Have a clear picture: With real-time visibility, you can proactively manage your nonprofit’s key initiatives, take action, and improve outcomes across funding sources, locations, grants and programs.
  • Improve productivity: With automated workflows, it is easier to approve and pay bills.  Our outsourced accounting services make your core financial operations faster and more efficient.
  • Efficient grant and program management: Whether you need to track and manage grants, programs or funds, our outsourced accounting services gives you real time visibility on their performance.
Providing complex financial guidance to architectural, engineering and law firms

Managing the financials for law, architectural, or engineering firms can be incredibly complicated. As a finance professional for one of these professional service firms, you might need to analyze profitability for multiple entities. You also might have professionals all over the world, or clients all over the web. This may be compounded by the fact that you also may be saddled with a too small team handling a large number of diverse matters.

You also may already have software that tracks staff hours on projects and cases for billing purposes. Dugan & Lopatka has significant experience in working with professional service firms, providing invoicing, payroll, project and case-tracking along with bill coding and payment.

Many small to mid-market professional service firms file their taxes on a cash basis. Dugan & Lopatka has years of experience helping firms plan for and close out the year by first projecting year-end net income and then allocating this income to the professionals based on their unique earn-out package.

Meanwhile, as a financial professional for these firms, you must constantly adapt to the needs of your firm and your market. With all of this variety, volume and change, it’s a relief to have Dugan & Lopatka as a trusted guide.

We have an extensive knowledge of healthcare markets

There is no substitute for a CPA firm that understands your healthcare business, including those for physicians, pharmacists and dentists.  Dugan & Lopatka has the extensive understanding of the healthcare markets in the Chicagoland area. This is the Dugan & Lopatka difference. As a healthcare provider, you are most likely using a third party billing service. Consider having Dugan & Lopatka do the rest. We can be your entire back office by providing payroll services, electronic bill paying, monthly bank account reconciliation all while providing you with monthly financial reports tailored to your practice.

Many health care providers file their taxes on a cash basis. Dugan & Lopatka has years of experience helping practices plan for and close out the year by first projecting year end net income and then allocating this income to the healthcare professional based on their unique earnout package.

Customer service is your foundation

All service businesses devote time and money to providing their clients with high quality assistance.  With service being the foundation of our business, Dugan & Lopatka understands your accounting, tax and business needs. From businesses in industries as diverse as information technology to property management, we understand that you and your people’s time is more valuable providing a service to your customers and not getting bogged down in the day-to-day accounting needs of the business. That’s where Dugan & Lopatka excels. By assisting your bookkeeper with the monthly accounting and controllership services or we can be your entire accounting department, your staff is freed to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

Many service providers file their taxes on a cash basis. We have years of experience helping businesses plan for and close out the year by first projecting year end net income and then determining the best use of the profits while looking to minimize the tax implications of a profitable year.

Below are just a few of the service providers we have assisted. They include:

  • Information technology firms
  • Business service firms
  • Counseling service providers
  • Transportation service firms
  • Personal service businesses
  • Social service firms
  • Maintenance service firms
Offering accounting solutions to manufacturers, distributors, warehousers and contractors throughout the Chicagoland area.

Manufacturers, distributers warehousers and contractors face significant marketplace challenges – rising costs, global competition, regulatory compliance, technological advancements – to name just a few.  At Dugan & Lopatka, we believe one key to combating these challenges is planning for your businesses’ financial success. We use a client service team approach to guide you through many of the financial, tax and business challenges you face, leaving nothing to chance!


Manufacturing Services

For more than four decades, Dugan & Lopatka has advised a wide range of manufacturers in industries including electronic and electrical, fabricated metals, measuring devices, and adhesives. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face and have a dedicated team of professionals who can provide innovative and proven strategies to help your business

Throughout our existence, we have been helping manufacturing and distribution companies overcome the challenges they face. Using a client service team approach, we can provide you with a variety of financial, tax and information management services that complement your business objectives and increase profitability.

Services Provided Our Manufacturing Clients

  • Inventory Management & Controls
  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Projections
  • Capital Budgeting & Analysis
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • R&D Tax Credit Studies
  • Inventory Capitalization Rules
  • Income Tax Depreciation
  • Tax Credits & Job Incentive Initiatives
  • CRM, ERP & Accounting Software


Distribution Services

Dugan & Lopatka’s many years of service to businesses in the distribution sector has provided us with an intimate understanding of their complexities. We have assisted numerous distributors over the years in a wide-array of industry segments with services including inventory management and controls, inventory capitalization rules, and CRM, ERP and accounting software solutions – specific to distribution companies.Our dedicated team of professional’s also partner with our distribution clients to help them identify opportunities and overcome challenges that are specific to the industry. Our full range of services to the industry includes accounting, auditing, tax and financial consulting services, structured to meet the specific needs of each client.

Services Provided Our Distribution Clients

  • Financial Forecasts & Projections
  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Projections
  • Capital Budgeting & Analysis
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Process Improvement-based Research & Development Tax Credit Studies
  • Income Tax Depreciation
  • Tax Credits & Job Incentives
Leo Misdom Principal, Accounting & Advisory Services Department Contact Leo
Mike Lee Principal, Outsourced Accounting & Accounting Services Contact Mike
Nick Pollastrini Manager, Accounting & Advisory Services Department Contact Nick

Helping Us Help You

Dugan & Lopatka is proud to partner with the following cloud based, online business payment solutions and accounting software to provide our clients with cutting edge technology, ensuring state-of-the-art resolutions to any accounting concern.


Striving For Excellence

“Our questions are explained in ways that are always understandable. Dugan & Lopatka goes above and beyond what we require of them to make certain that their answers to questions posed by our team are understood. They make our business relationship enjoyable!” Irene Lazaroski Director of Meetings & Education, Catholic Cemetery Conference

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