Accounting & Advisory Services

Acting as Your Business Advisor

At Dugan & Lopatka, we look at both the big picture of your business as well as the small. For our business accounting clients, we focus on three main objectives:   (1) enhanced efficiency, (2) reliable and timely business data, and (3) improved cash flow and profitability. Serving as your outside advisor, we take responsibility to go beyond the numbers.

  • Financial Statement Preparation

    Better understand your financial statements.

    Whether you need accounting support and a CPA to turn to when you have questions or you need compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements, Dugan & Lopatka can help.

    We have always taken the position that educated clients make better decisions.   That is why we work personally with you to ensure you can read and understand your financial statements.

    As our client, we also help complete your monthly close and assist you with preparing monthly or quarterly financial statements.

  • Outsourced Accounting Support

    We can serve as your outsourced accounting team.

    By outsourcing your accounting operations to Dugan & Lopatka, you gain access to accurate, reliable, real-time information to help make business decisions quickly in our fast-paced digital business world. It works!  We’ve crunched the numbers.  Check out our Outsourced Accounting services.


  • Using QuickBooks? We are here to help!

    Work with our team of Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors.

    Let Dugan & Lopatka’s QuickBook experts assist you to:

    • Ensure the accounting entries you make are correctly entered and that your financial statements accurately reflect your organization’s performance.
    • Properly set up Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online.
    • Customize Quickbooks to fit the way you do business.
    • Understand Quickbooks and how it works, so you can make it do what you need it to do.
    • Learn tips and tricks to save time and effort.
  • Accounting Process Assessment

    We review your accounting processes in detail.

    Our professionals at Dugan & Lopatka can also review your accounting processes in detail to make sure they are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We review the processes you currently have in place to gain an understanding of how they are working. Using our knowledge and experience we will make recommendations for improvements, while keeping in mind any resource limitations your business might have.

  • KPI's and Industry Benchmarking

    KPI’s help determine if your business objectives are successful.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) can be used throughout your organization.  First, to measure success and second, to help you find areas for financial improvement. We will provide guidance for your team in selecting metrics that are important to your organization. We can also benchmark your financial information to compare performance within your company’s industry. These tools are a surefire way to proactively plan and achieve success for your business.

  • Cash Flow Management - the Life Blood of an Organization

    Cash flow management is more than receivables and payables. It can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful organization. Dugan & Lopatka can help you understand your inflows and outflows of cash. More importantly, we can help you forecast your need for cash and plan your cash flow over time.

  • Financial Planning for your Business

    Let us help you plan for the future.

    We believe it is our planning and attention to detail while working with you throughout the year that sets us apart from other firms. Below are some of the ways Dugan & Lopatka helps you plan for your businesses future:

    • We offer extensive annual year-end planning to help you understand and plan for tax implications at the business and personal level.
    • We can assist you with budgeting and forecasting to help set targets for future years.
    • Do you have debt covenant requirements? We provide guidance so you can easily track them to ensure you meet these covenants.
    • We can also provide formula driven compensation calculations to assist you in determining wage allocations or year-end bonuses.

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