Business Accounting Services

Acting as Your Business Advisor

We look at the big picture of your business as well as the small. We focus on three main objectives for our business accounting clients … enhanced efficiency, reliable and timely business data, and improved cash flow and profitability. Serving as an outside advisor, we take responsibility to go beyond the numbers.

  • Cash Flow Management - the lifeblood of an organization

    Cash flow management is more than receivables and payables. It can be the difference between a successful organization and an unsuccessful one. Dugan & Lopatka can help you understand your inflows and outflows of cash. More importantly, we can help you forecast your need for cash and plan your cash flow over time.

  • Outsourced Accounting Support - We Are Your CFO to Go!

    Outsource your accounting and let us provide your business with “CFO-like” services!  This simple step reduces your corporate accounting costs. By outsourcing your bookkeeping operations to Dugan & Lopatka, you are only paying for the accounting help you need – when you need it – with absolutely zero employee-related costs to deal with.

    Link to Outsourced Accounting page.

  • KPI's & Industry Benchmarking

    Do you know if your business is performing well? If so, how do you know? Maybe you look at the bottom line and see there is a profit? Maybe you just make sure there is cash in the bank account?

    These might be indicators that the business is surviving, but they don’t give you an idea of how well the business is performing. To know how your business is performing, it can be very useful to track some of your businesses key performance indicators (KPI).

    Key performance indicators are measurable values that help determine if a business objective is successful. These can be used throughout the organization to measure success. It is important to pick metrics that are important to your business. They should be metrics that you understand and that are meaningful to it.

    Once you understand and track these numbers, then it is important to benchmark them. They can be compared to your own performance to track how you do each month or each year. By tracking them over time, you might notice trends in the organization’s performance. If you implement changes you’ll want to note when these changes occurred so you can measure the effectiveness of those changes.

    These metrics can also mean something different for each industry. Sixty days of sales outstanding might be very good for one industry, but could be ruinous for another. Make sure to compare the metrics to the industry in which your business operates to truly get an idea of what that number means. This is an effective way to see how you are performing in comparison with other, similar businesses.

    KPI’s are an invaluable form of gathering business intelligence. They can help identify problem areas for a struggling business and proactively plan to achieve success.  Contact a Dugan & Lopatka professional to better understand how to utilize them in your business.

  • Financial Statement Preparation

    We work with you to better understand your financial statements.

    Whether you need accounting support and a CPA to turn to when you have questions or you need compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements, we can help.

    We have always taken the position that educated clients make better decisions.   We work personally with you to ensure you can read and understand your financial statements.

    We also help clients do their monthly close and assist with generating monthly or quarterly client prepared financial statements.

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