Delivering the Services You Need

Dugan + Lopatka’s many years of service to businesses in the distribution and manufacturing sectors has provided us with an intimate understanding of their differences. We have assisted numerous distributors over the years in a wide-array of industry segments with services including inventory management and controls, inventory capitalization rules, and CRM, ERP and accounting software solutions – specific to distribution companies.

Our dedicated team of professional’s also partner with our distribution clients to help them identify opportunities and overcome challenges that are specific to the industry. Our full range of services to the industry includes accounting, auditing, tax and financial consulting services. We are committed to providing our distribution clients with a comprehensive range of services, which are structured to meet the specific needs of each client.

  • Services We Provide Our Distribution Clients

    • Financial forecasts and projections
    • Cash flow forecasts and projections
    • Capital budgeting and analysis
    • Cost segregation studies
    • Process improvement-based research and development tax credit studies
    • Income tax depreciation
    • Various tax credits and job incentive initiatives

Should your supply chain business buy or lease equipment? 

lease vs. buyEach time a business plans to invest in new equipment, you must make a decision: Should we buy or lease? That decision’s important for a number of reasons. We’re talking about a significant investment of capital with far-reaching consequences; whether you buy or lease will impact your short-term and long-term finances, as well as future investments. So… should you buy or lease? The answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. Read our article to learn more.

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