Tax Compliance & Planning

Better returns start with deep knowledge & thoughtful strategy.

Named one of America’s Best Tax & Accounting Firms by Forbes, our team taps into a deep knowledge of the tax code and industry-specific expertise to reduce your tax liability and ensure compliance. Our approach to tax planning and compliance is rooted in proactive, long-term strategies based on your goals, helping you maximize your opportunity for success and feel confident in your future.

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  • Business Tax Planning

    We tap into deep expertise to ensure compliance and minimize your tax burden.

    By understanding the tax code, your industry and the intricacies of your business, we bring unique and sophisticated strategies to the table, including identifying and pursuing tax credits and other opportunities to reduce your company’s federal, state, and local tax burdens. Meanwhile, our team always works to keep you informed and educated about our recommended strategies, so you can feel confident that our approach is maximizing your business’ success.

    Business Tax Planning

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation

    Your business & personal tax returns, streamlined.

    In addition to your business’ tax returns, we can help you save time, money and stress by preparing your personal returns, as well as your family’s.

    Filing returns by yourself is a time-consuming process, and it often results in missed opportunities to save money. Meanwhile, vetting and communicating with multiple accounting firms can be a hassle. Instead, the D+L team can prepare all of your tax returns— business, personal and family—all in one place.

    Having a single point of contact keeps things simple. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that the same trusted team of experts that’s preparing your business’ returns is also taking care of your personal returns. We take the same approach to your personal finances as your business’, tapping into our knowledge of the tax code to ensure compliance while helping you minimize your tax liability.

    Individual Tax Planning

  • Tax Credit & Deduction Opportunities

    The right strategy can reduce your company’s tax burden.

    Our team helps your business identify and pursue a wide range of tax credits and deductions, including research tax credits, energy certifications, real estate cost segregation and more. To learn more about specific tax-reduction strategies and opportunities, visit our Specialized Services page.

    Tax Credits

  • Succession & Ownership Transfer

    The future of your company is at stake. Let’s plan for it.

    No one wants to think about succession, but there comes a time when every business has to face the reality that company leadership will change. And that time often comes sooner than we anticipate. A business is at its most vulnerable during periods of transition, and having the right plan in place ahead of time can mean the difference between a smooth transfer of power and a costly disaster.

    Our team works with present and future leaders, owners and key stakeholders of your company to design a thoughtful and detailed plan for succession and ownership transfer. Your plan will detail protocols for various contingencies, including the death or disability of corporate leadership, the conversion of business value to cash, and more. Our team has partnered with numerous businesses to develop succession & ownership transfer plans, and we will work with your company’s leadership and advisory team (attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, etc.) to create a custom plan that’s right for you.

    Succession Planning

It’s never too early to begin planning.

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