Mergers & Acquisitions

Make moves with confidence, with an expert on your side.

The key to any successful merger or acquisition is a clear, thorough understanding of the deal—for buyers and sellers alike. Of course, as any executive knows, that’s easier said than done.

Mergers & AcquisitionsDeals are complicated. Potential risks must be identified, thorough analysis must be performed on both sides, plans should be drawn that project the deal’s long-term outcome. And, in today’s fast-moving market, where 25% of middle-market companies buy or sell a business every year, all of this must be done in a relatively short span of time. No wonder most executives readily admit that they aren’t equipped to perform proper due diligence.

At Dugan + Lopatka, we’ve helped businesses prepare for and navigate hundreds of mergers and acquisitions. The core of our service is the due diligence process, where we pull from our deep experience and wide range of disciplines to perform a thorough, reliable analysis. Our process includes assessing potential risks associated with the acquisition (including operational, cybersecurity and more), dealing with tax issues, and providing financial projections that help you understand how the deal will likely impact your business.

To put it another way, we help you see the deal clearly from every angle and understand its implications, so you can feel confident in your decisions and maximize your success.

Dugan + Lopatka Merger & Acquisition Services

Our team supports your company through every aspect of a merger/acquisition, including:

  • Due diligence analysis and negotiations
  • Conducting audits or agreed-upon procedures and evaluating assets of acquired companies
  • Advising on proper accounting methods and adjustments
  • Consulting on business valuation and purchase price
  • Reviewing and advising on acquisition agreements
  • Post-deal close
  • Coordinating the combining of accounting and administrative support

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