Privately-Held Business Specialists

Dugan & Lopatka is one of the largest public accounting firms in the Chicago area, but one of the only large CPA firms to specialize almost exclusively on privately-held, small and mid-sized businesses.

There is a noticeable difference between the level of service and personal attention provided by accounting firms that serve privately-held small and mid-sized businesses. The small accounting firms lack the depth of staff, experience and expertise found at Dugan & Lopatka. The large accounting firms won’t dedicate their best people to small and midsized businesses and the partners are generally only involved for client billings. Small and mid-sized businesses are not their target market.

Dugan & Lopatka is dedicated to serving small and mid-sized, closely-held companies. Our clients can readily see that difference in our innovative ideas, the rewards we bring to them from having a great deal of experience working with companies like yours and through the quality and timeliness of our work.

  • Small and Mid-sized Privately-held Business Specialists
    • Dugan & Lopatka has been specializing in meeting the needs of privately-held small and mid-sized businesses since 1974.
    • We have worked with thousands of small and mid-sized companies and their owners.
    • We sponsor seminars, issue social media and e-mail newsletters and alerts, write two business blogs, and publish a quarterly printed newsletter specifically addressing issues facing small and mid-sized businesses and their owners.
    • Our team specializes in serving closely-held, small and mid-sized businesses and receives specific annual training on technical issues facing small and mid-sized businesses.
    • We are members of the AICPA Group of 400 (G400).
Key Contacts
Leo Misdom Principal, Consulting Services, Outsourced Accounting & Accounting Services Departments Contact Leo
Pete Zich Principal, Tax Department Contact Pete
Hugh Elliott Principal, Audit & Review Department Contact Hugh