Insurance Solutions

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Insurance?
Most people refinance their mortgage to get a better deal and if their bank is having trouble, they switch to a more financially sound and better performing bank. But how do you evaluate insurance carriers and their performance? Insurance can be confusing and expensive if you are unsure of what you are getting. You may not have the insurance you need. Worse, you could paying too much for the insurance you have. We can help.

Dugan & Lopatka can answer all fo your questions regarding insurance. We will help you analyze where you want insurance coverage, what type of insurance is right for you, and help you find the appropropriate policy at the lowest possible cost. Dugan & Lopatka is not linked to any single insurance provider so we can look around for the best match for you.

Our knowledge of insurance also allows us to use insurance products in innovative ways to accomplish a number of issues.