QuickBooks ProAdvisor Tip: Get to Know Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to make work easier. As QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, we’ve put together the following list of some of our most-used shortcuts.

Navigate Around QuickBooks

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Open Help windowF1
Close current windowEsc
Open Product Information windowF2 or Ctrl + 1
Open Find Transaction WindowCtrl + F
Open Search windowF3 or Ctrl + 2
Open Tech Help windowF2 to open the Product Info window, then press F3

Data Fields on Forms

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Increase or decrease amount➕  or
Go to next data fieldTab
Go to previous data fieldShift + Tab
Copy, paste, undo, cutCtrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + X

Date Fields on Forms

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Open calendar to select dateAlt + ⬇️
Advance a day
Back a day
Go to todayT
Go to first day of the weekW
Go to last day of the weekK
Go to same day next week]
Go to same day last week[
Go to first day of the monthM
Go to last day of the monthH
Go to same day next month;
Go to same day last month(apostrophe)
Go to first day of year (Jan 1)Y

Forms and Transactions (invoices, expenses, etc.)

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Record or save transactionEnter
Add new transaction lineCtrl + Ins
Delete selected transaction lineCtrl + Del
Copy transaction lineHighlight then Ctrl + Alt + Y
Paste transaction lineHighlight blank transaction line, then Ctrl +Alt + V
Go to next or previous transaction line⬆️  or ⬇️
Move between pages on forms and reportsPage Up or Page Down
Save and close current formAlt + S
Go to last open form of same typeAlt + P
Save and go to next form of same typeAlt + N
Print form or listCtrl + P
Memorize current form and its transactionsCtrl + M
Open memorized transaction listCtrl + T
Open transaction history (current form)Ctrl + H
Open transaction journal (current form)Ctrl + Y

Lists (Customer Center, Account Register, Item List, etc.)

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Go to first or last itemCtrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Page Down
Create a new itemCtrl + N
Edit an itemCtrl + E
Delete an itemCtrl + D
Run a Quick Report for an itemCtrl + F6

Start a new task anywhere in Quickbooks

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Create a new invoiceCtrl + I
Create a new checkCtrl + W
Open Customer CenterCtrl + J
Open Chart of AccountsCtrl + A
Open Account RegisterCtrl + R

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