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Nonprofit organizations should prepare to provide additional information on the contributions of nonfinancial assets under ASU 2020-07. This accounting standard was issued by the FASB in September 2020 with the intent to increase transparency and reduce diversity in practice in the presentation and disclosures about types of nonfinancial assets received, how they are measured, and how they are used by the organization.

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nonprofit audit

Spending the time to prepare in advance for your nonprofit audit will save time and money. In this post, we discuss ways you can prepare and how it will create a smoother audit process, reduce the time burden placed on staff, and help your organization reap the benefits of an independent, financial audit.

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outsourced accounting for nonprofits

When it comes to financial management, nonprofits face a conundrum. On the one hand, your organization needs specialized financial expertise to function at its best. You need a nonprofit expert—or, better yet, a team of experts—who can keep clean, consistent, accurate books. But you need more than a good bookkeeper. You need the expert guidance […]

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Recently, the IRS issued the 2022 annual inflation adjustments for many tax provisions, including several that pertain to nonprofit organizations.

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