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credit losses

After a long delay, new requirements for reporting expected credit losses are taking effect… and yes, they will apply to most not-for-profits that file under GAAP. How will they impact your NFP? What can you do to prepare? Let’s take a look.

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Conflicts of interest

With a simple act of good corporate governance, you can keep potential conflicts out of the decision-making process and protect your nonprofit from hefty penalties. We break down the what, why and how of COI policies.

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basis of accounting

A ‘basis of accounting’ is the methodology used to recognize revenues and expenses on financial statements. And because financial statements are a way for stakeholders to gage the financial health of the organization, nonprofits need to carefully consider which accounting basis they use and how that could change the financial statement.

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Cryptocurrency donations

Cryptocurrency has grown rapidly in recent years, prompting nonprofits to consider accepting cryptocurrency donations. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages to accepting crypto, and what nonprofits need to know about getting started.

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