Author: Courtney Healy

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Governor Pritzker has signed the FY22 State Budget into law with important corporate tax changes.

Single Audit Federal Funds

The CARES Act is a massive spending bill, covering more than $2 trillion of relief for nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals affected by COVID-19. Now, changes are coming to several key provisions. Here’s what you should know.


Sometimes, it takes an emergency (like a pandemic) to reveal fault lines in the systems we take for granted. Or does it? In this piece, we explore how independent audits help organizations identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they become problems.

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Single Audit

CARES funding helped many nonprofits stay afloat during COVID-19. Now, it’s making many more face a Single Audit for the first time. In this short article, we break down what this means, how it works, and what you can do to prepare.

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