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Change moments

Serving Your Business Through Times of Transition.

In the life cycle of every company, from its start to when the owner(s) leave or sell the business, there are unique moments that challenge each business and its owners. It is during these unique Change Moments that the support of a strong CPA advisor and friend can be vital.

If one of these Change Moments is keeping you up at night, contact us to learn how we can help you through it.
Common Change Moments:
  • Changing Accounting Firms
  • Going for Bank Financing
  • Handling Fast Growth
  • Acquiring or Merging A Company
  • Selling or Exiting Your Company
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  • 47 Years in business
  • 607 Years of experience
  • 5625 Businesses served
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"Dugan & Lopatka wasn’t just a regular partner, they became a part of our family business." Watch this brief video to learn more about the D&L and Wisdom Adhesives relationship, or click below for a deeper dive. Jeff Wisdom Former President, Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide


"When reviewing CPA firm RFP's, Dugan & Lopatka scored so much higher than their competitors that we didn't interview other firms." Watch this video to learn more about the D&L and New Star Services relationship, or click below for a deeper dive. New Star Services Greg O'Brien, CFO


"They've been with us through all the highs and lows, and they continue to help us navigate new challenges today. Maybe at another firm, we'd be just a number. But with Dugan & Lopatka, it's all about the personal relationships." Aquascape Greg Wittsock, Owner and CEO


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