Dugan & Lopatka offers a variety of methods for you to follow our firm and the information we release including online articles, online white papers and guides, social media postings, e-mail newsletters and newspapers, blog postings, and printed newsletters. 

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 Social Media

If you use social media, our social media sites offer you relevant and informative tax and accounting news and articles, announcements about upcoming events, a first look at new services, as well as another channel of communication where you can contact us. Those individuals that “follow us” are the first to receive the information.



 Email Publications

  • Dugan & Lopatka Tax Alerts & Special Reports – Periodic emails covering important tax law changes and other urgent information.
  • Money Saver  – Periodic e-mail newsletter to help you and your family save money and lower your taxes
  • Wealth Builder – Periodic e-mail newsletter on retirement planning, insurance, financial planning and wealth preservation.
  • LevelUp – Online and periodic e-mail newsletter to help you grow your business
  • The Exit Planner – Periodic e-mail articles on succession and business exit planning
  • TechTalk – Periodic e-mail newsletter on technology uses in business

Printed Newsletters

  • Solutions for Nonprofits – Quarterly printed newsletter dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations
  • Update – Quarterly printed newsletter discusses tax, accounting, audit, technology, marketing and financial planning issues.

 Online Newspapers

  •  Dugan & Lopatka Ledger – an online newspaper that collects the latest tweets from 25 important sources weekly.  Sources include the IRS, the AICPA, the ICPAS, Inc.,Journal of Accountancy, IFRS, Accounting Today, Tax Foundation, Crain’s Chicago, Daily Herald, SBA, US Chamber and many other reputable source all in one place.
  • Dugan & Lopatka Nonprofit Ledger – an online newspaper specifically for the nonprofit industry that collects the latest tweets from 25 important industry sources.  Sources include the IRS, Nonprofit Quarterly, Foundation center, Charity Navigator, Philanthropy center, ASAE, Network for Good and many other reputatble sources all in one place.

RSS Feeds

RSS is a notification system that alerts you when updates are made to your favorite websites. It allows content to be sent to your computer when the contents of the web page changes without you having to constantly monitor the webpage for changes.  To learn more about RSS, please read or articleWhat Is An RSS Feed.

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