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Dugan & Lopatka: Beyond Tax Preparation In Naperville, IL

Important Services That Help Dugan & Lopatka Go Beyond Tax Preparation for Businesses In Naperville, IL

Here at Dugan & Lopatka, we often surprised to learn that some accounting firms in Naperville, IL work with clients strictly for tax preparation. Whether it’s to offload a year’s worth of receipts or to carefully go through their annual revenues and expenditures, these particular clients initially assume that our specific usefulness to their business is only relevant until tax season is over. After we’ve completed their tax preparation in Naperville, IL, they think that they won’t need our services again until the next time their tax deadline looms before them.

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Dugan & Lopatka Offers Far More Than Services For Traditional Tax Preparation In Naperville, IL

Our clients tell us that the team at Dugan & Lopatka delivers superior services for traditional tax preparation in Naperville, IL. From annual tax filings to tax audits and everything in between, our team of highly trained and skilled tax accountants has the experience needed to help your business successfully navigate through the tax preparation process. However, it’s important to note that, as a leading accounting firm in Chicago’s suburbs, Dugan & Lopatka offers far more than just high quality tax preparation in Naperville, IL. We also offer an extensive range of specialized core competencies designed to help Naperville business owners position their company for maximum financial growth.

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What You Can Expect When You Partner With Dugan & Lopatka

If you’re ready to partner with a team of accountants who specialize of closely-held small and mid-size businesses, the team at Dugan & Lopatka can help. We proudly offer an wide range of services that can mean the difference between your business just getting by or thriving.

Our specialized services include:

Succession/Ownership Transition Planning: Are you at the point in your business life where you’re considering your exit strategy? The team at Dugan & Lopatka can work with you during each phase of your successful plan so you know everything you’ll need for a seamless, stress-free business ownership transition.

Cost Segregation: If you just purchased a building in Naperville, remodeled or built a building, you may be entitled to accelerate the depreciation of the building and reap the tax rewards by doing so through a process called Cost Segregation. If you’re not partnered with a team who understands cost segregation’s specific nuances. Dugan & Lopatka has the expertise and experience you’ll need to get the tax savings out of your building that you’re entitled to.

Business Valuation Services: Having a clear understanding of exactly what your company is worth is important. Dugan & Lopatka can take all the guesswork out of your business valuation.

Bank/Lender Covenants: In today’s tighter banking regulatory environment, the lending rules are constantly evolving leaving debtors overwhelmed with various bank covenants attached to their loans. Partnering with Dugan & Lopatka means that you’ll have a highly skilled team of experts working with you to understand the terms of all your loans and help you monitor your compliance with those terms so can avoid accidently breaking a covenant.

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